Darling, we’re all creative here.

Jay Mavani
3 min readMay 18


You’re creative, I’m creative, he + she’s creative. We all are.

It amazes me to hear someone say “Oh, but I’m not creative!”

Creative /kriːˈeɪtɪv/ adjective

Relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.

Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. — Leo Burnett

In a world where creativity is often perceived as a talent reserved for a select few, it’s high time to debunk this myth and embrace the truth: We’re all creative.

Creativity is not a limited resource only accessible to artists, writers, or musicians you see. It resides within each and every one of us, waiting to be awakened and nurtured.

By recognizing and embracing our innate creative potential, we open the doors to a world of possibilities and personal growth.

Redefining creativity one idea at a time.

To understand the universality of creativity, we must redefine its meaning. Creativity is not limited to producing masterpieces or achieving perfection.

It encompasses the ability to think outside the box, to imagine new solutions, and to express ourselves in unique ways. Whether it’s finding innovative solutions to everyday problems or infusing our daily tasks with a touch of originality, creativity manifests itself in various forms throughout our lives.

Cultivating curiosity, because why not.

Curiosity is the fuel that ignites our creative flame. By cultivating curiosity, we open ourselves up to new experiences, ideas, and perspectives.

It is through curiosity that we embark on a journey of exploration, allowing us to uncover hidden talents and interests.

Embrace your innate curiosity, ask questions, seek knowledge, and let it guide you towards new and exciting creative endeavours.

Embracing mistakes and learning.

One of the biggest obstacles to unlocking our creativity is the fear of making mistakes. However, creativity thrives in an environment that welcomes experimentation and embraces failure as a stepping stone to success.

Embrace the learning process, celebrate your mistakes as valuable lessons, and allow them to fuel your growth as a creative individual.

Remember, some of the greatest innovations and works of art were born out of trial and error.

It’s the journey, not the outcome.

Creativity is not solely about the end result; it’s about the process.

Embrace the joy of exploration, immerse yourself in the present moment, and allow your creativity to unfold naturally.

Emphasize the journey rather than fixating solely on the final product. By doing so, you’ll discover the true essence of creativity: self-expression, personal fulfilment, and the joy of tapping into your unique perspective.

Make space for creativity.

Creating an environment that nurtures creativity is vital to unlocking our creative potential.

Find a physical space that inspires you, whether it’s a cozy corner, a well-lit studio, or a serene natural setting. Surround yourself with stimuli that ignite your imagination, such as books, art, music, or even nature.

Establish routines and rituals that signal to your brain that it’s time to engage in creative exploration.

Creativity is an inherent part of being human.

It’s not limited to a select few but is accessible to all who are willing to embark on the journey of self-discovery and exploration.

By redefining our understanding of creativity, nurturing our curiosity, embracing mistakes, and prioritizing the process over the outcome, we can tap into our creative potential and experience the transformative power of self-expression.

Let us celebrate our individuality and embrace the truth that we are all creative beings capable of shaping our world with our unique visions.

So, dare to explore, experiment, and unleash the creative force within you.

The world is waiting for your creative brilliance to shine.

Legend has it that once upon a time, Jay was a creative-director with an inquisitive mind, positioned somewhere between a strategist and a designer.

After immersing himself in the world of marketing + advertising for numerous years, he now returns to the core of his creative odyssey — graphic design, visual arts, and creative writing.

From always trying something new to occasionally making photos “speak”, he’s known to express his passion for problem-solving, creativity, philosophy and humour by playing with various canvases.

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Jay Mavani

Jay Mavani (aka jaymavs) loves to express his passion for problem-solving, creativity, philosophy and humour by playing with various canvases.