From CD, to DVD and now BluRay.

Jay Mavani
3 min readJun 12, 2024


Higher res, increased capacity, and crystal-clear vision for the future.

On 5th June 2024, LIFE announced its elevation of Jay Mavani from DVD to BluRay, marking another significant milestone in his remarkable journey.

After proving his versatility and capacity as DVD for a little over 5 years, Jay is now set to bring his high-definition vision to LIFE.

Jay’s ascension to BluRay comes as no surprise to those who have followed his trajectory.

His contributions as DVD were nothing short of transformative, bringing a sharper focus, deeper insight, and a wider perspective to everything LIFE has to offer.

Reflecting on his new role, Jay says, “From Creative Director (CD) to DVD and now BluRay, this journey has been nothing short of an epic saga. As BluRay, I am not just looking to improve the resolution of my contributions but to redefine the very essence of what LIFE can be. With enhanced capacity and crystal-clear vision, the future looks incredibly exciting.”

God, the alleged founder of LIFE, shared his thoughts: “Jay’s promotion to BluRay is a testament to his unwavering dedication and boundless creativity. Over the past five years, he has not only fulfilled his role as DVD with excellence but has also consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible. We are thrilled to see him take on this new challenge and bring even more clarity and innovation to LIFE.”

Jay’s tenure as DVD saw a series of groundbreaking campaigns that resonated deeply with the essence of LIFE. These include ‘Resolution Evolution’, ‘The Clarity Campaign’, ‘High-Def Living’, ‘Beyond the Pixels’, and ‘The Spectrum of Possibilities’. Each campaign not only showcased Jay’s creative prowess but also reinforced the values of gratitude, mindfulness, humour, optimism, and self-love.

“Becoming BluRay is not just about a title change; it’s about embracing a higher level of clarity and purpose,” Jay explains. “I am excited to lead LIFE into a new era where every moment is captured with the highest definition of creativity and passion. This role allows me to expand my horizons even further and explore new dimensions of what LIFE can be.”

Jagruti Ganshyam, who will continue as DVD, commented on Jay’s promotion: “Jay has always been a visionary. His journey from CD to DVD and now BluRay is a natural progression. His innovative approach and relentless drive will undoubtedly bring a new level of excellence to LIFE.”

With Jay’s appointment as BluRay, LIFE is also announcing the creation of additional high-definition roles to further enhance the LIFE experience for everyone. These positions aim to foster creativity, innovation, and clarity across all aspects of LIFE.

“This isn’t just about my journey; it’s about how each one of us can strive for clarity and excellence in our own lives,” Jay concludes. “As BluRay, my goal is to inspire everyone to see LIFE in the highest resolution possible and to make every moment count.”

While the news of Jay Mavani becoming BluRay is definitely not whoa, let’s remember that he is surely the first Indian to assume the role.

Jay Mavani’s appointment is effective immediately.



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