Jay Mavani bags creative mandate for Jay Mavani.

Jay Mavani
2 min readJun 7, 2023


The mandate was won following a deep conversation.

Jay Mavani has appointed himself as his creative partner to promote his personal brand.

Former agency + brand marketing lead is now an independent creative and firmly believes that this is indeed a great way to announce his new endeavour.

Jay Mavani won this mandate after a long and deep conversation with his inner self, akin to an agency pitch process.

The creative mandate for Jay includes amplifying his own social-media, updating his website and design portfolio, blogging more frequently, launching an e-commerce website as Jay plans to sell some of his art, and of course delivering cutting edge creatives and words for selective brands when needed.

Commenting on the win, inner Jay said, “There’s a plethora of choices available today for brands who are looking for independent creatives to help them look and talk better. But how does one truly stand out? This is precisely where my expertise comes into play. I cannot wait to put myself out there in creative ways and seize intriguing work prospects.”

Outer Jay on the other hand said, “After having immersed myself in the world of marketing + advertising for numerous years, I now return to the core of my creative odyssey — graphic design, visual arts, and creative writing. After having considered multiple options, I couldn’t find anyone better, other than myself, to help spread the word.”

Legend has it that once upon a time, Jay Mavani (aka jaymavs) was a creative + marketing director with an inquisitive mind, positioned somewhere between a strategist, designer and a writer.

From helping brands do the new, to occasionally making photos “speak”, he’s been known to express his passion for problem-solving, creativity, philosophy and humour by playing with various canvases.

With 18yrs+ experience, and having worked both agency and client side, he ultimately made the decision to redirect his attention towards the foundational aspects of his creative journey, specifically graphic design, visual arts and creative writing.

While the news of Jay Mavani bagging the creative mandate for himself is whoa, let’s remember he is surely not the first to assume such a role.

Jay Mavani’s appointment is effective immediately.

In case you’re looking for someone to breathe new life into your brand through compelling visuals and impactful narratives, I’m your guy.

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Jay Mavani

Jay Mavani (aka jaymavs) loves to express his passion for problem-solving, creativity, philosophy and humour by playing with various canvases.